Monday, November 15, 2010

BUBBLES & PANDAS - more things that make Ella happy

So it's time for another "Things that make Ella happy" post - & this time it's about bubbles & pandas.

It took Ella a lot a practice - but this summer she finally learned how to blow her own bubbles. Up until then she hadn't been able to blow more than one at a time & then she would spill the rest of the soap on the ground - because she was concentrationg så hard to put those cute little lips into a bubble blowing bubblicious bubblemaker.

Now blowing bubbles is one of those things that can make her almost deliriously happy. She loves watching them. She loves blowing them. She loves catching them. She loves everything about them. & who can blame her. So volatile & fragile - beautiful & perfect. & they appear as if by magic out of thin air when you blow through a little magic wand. I love them too. But I forgot how amazing blowing bubbles was until I had a child. I just love rediscovering the world through her wonderful eyes.

As for the pandas. Everybody loves pandas - their just so darn cute. & Ella is no exception. The first teddy she chose for herself - was a panda. We went to the zoo for her first birthday & when we were leaving we passed a little shop with stuffed animals outside. It was love at first sight. She looked straight at the panda & pointed frantically until we took one down for her. Then she hugged it tightly & kisses it & said "mine". Since then she loves pandas:-) Cute, lazy, cuddly, fluffy, playful who can not love them?

Enjoy a little potpourri of things that make Ella happy chapter 2:


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