Saturday, January 8, 2011


 He would have turned 76 today. I wonder where he would be if he was still alive? Where would he live? Would he be happy? Or would he be another disturbed socalled star chased to death by the media?

I grew up with Elvis, even though he died two years before I was born. My mom and her sisters had a special place in their hearts for this heartbreaking king of rock 'n roll & I danced frantically to all of his records when I was a kid.

His music made them happy & therefore I loved it. We would watch Elvis movies & I could just sense that this guy was what every grown up woman wanted. But what was it about him really? & has my childhood with Elvis as the king, made it so, that dark, soft voiced men always will win my heart?
 Can I help myself? Do I want to?

He still makes me weak in the knees. Happy Birthday Elvis & Thank you mom & aunts - Ttis post is dedicated to you for bringing me up well.


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Eleni said...

Oh, it's the hair! You just want to grab a big handful of it! Wouldn't it be sad if he's gone bald?