Friday, February 11, 2011


"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Lewis Carroll got it. He just let his mind run free & wonderful things came out of it. Crazy wonderful things I give you, but nevertheless absolutely, remarkably delightful things.

 Today I'm home sick as I have a stupid snotty cold & I'm trying to make the best of this day off by staying home with Ella & doing nice stuff like, watching cartoons, eating eggs for breakfast, sharing a piece of chocolate & wrapping things we allready own, to give them to eachother as surprise gifts!

Also I'm packing as we're gong away for the weekend to a place that has a pool. That is like one of the things closest to heaven that Ella can imagine, so she is OTT excited. She actually woke up an hour early today & said: "are we going to the aqualand now mom?" & right now as I tucked her in for her afternoon nap I could tell that she was just way too excited to sleep, but she finally caved in after sighing: "Oh mom - it's going to be a wonderful trip!" How cute is it possible to be I ask you?

My own state of mind is best described as a random fucked up mess, which of course is why I decided to just fick through my files & make a random post with whatever sprung to my eyes. So there you go. Inspirational Friday Randomness from me to you. Excuse the mess & welcome inside my head. Enjoy. & d something crazy this weekend. Ok?