Sunday, February 6, 2011

DRESS LIKE A DOLL - Part Three in the Land of Lolis

CASUAL LOLITA  - or toning the dollyness down a knotch...

This sunday is dedicated to the style of Casual Lolitas, which basically is a sort of everyday look for lolitas & it's also the style that is adapted by many western dollys, as the gear is more accessible to all & less OTT.

So far we've discovered what the Sweet Lolis & The Gothic Lolis styles consist in & eventhough the word casual may not be the first word that springs to mind when flicking through the images in this third post on the style & ways of true fashion lolitas, then nevertheless it is an actual loli style.

The Casual Lolita - which sort of tones down on the details of the outfit but keeps the basics of the lolita silhouette. Actually it is the easiest of the styles to wear, as a lot of the casual style is about finding lolita like stuff from non-lolita shops & then put them together with lolita pieces of clothing for a more everyday look that stays away from the OTT.

But even though you might find it easier to relate to the more toned down versions of the living dolls, then know that putting together a real, perfect, casual, balanced lolita outfit is almost an art.

Casual Lolita can best be described as what a Lolita would wear when not 'dressing up.' Still modest, and elegant but not as over the top as most other Lolita styles. A great Casual Lolita can be compiled out of any colour, as long a you remember to match colours, prints, etc. as you would with any other Lolita style. A simple cardigan over a skirt creates a nice casual look.

If you're unsure if your outfit could be classified as casual loli, just make sure you have a traditional loli skirt (one you could put a petticoat underneath) and at least 2 of the following items. If you have more than 4 f these items your probably more on the road to fullblown/grown lolita.

Casual Loli Checklist:

  • ♥ Elegant blouse or adorable cute as hell cutsew-esque shirt.
  • ♥ Petticoat.
  • ♥ Hair accessories - headdress, bow or bows, mini-crown, etc.
  • ♥ Loli hairstyle - sausage curls, pigtails, braids, hime cut, etc.
  • ♥ Loli shoes (ex. Mary Janes), or Doc Marteens, or Uggish boots.
  • ♥ Stockings or frilly socks.
  • ♥ Frilly parasol.
  •    Bag shaped as teddy/hello kitty/something cute
  • ♥ Additional item - frilly coats, aprons, shrugs, cardigans, etc

The best thing about casual lolita is that there are less rules/guidelines, so if you keep the basics of lolita aesthetic in your mind, then you shouldn't worry too much about whether or not you're doing it "right".

Makeup & Hair

  • Usually simple hairstyles, normally no wigs.
  • Mascara.
  • Eyeliner if desired.
  • Eyeshadow if desired.
  • Red or pink blush.
  • Lipgloss/lipstick in red and pink hues.

Note: Of course, these are just simple occurrences that are commonly seen within this style. They are no absolute rules of any kind. Be creative and experiment!

I think that I wear the lolitastyle in the casual way, because I'm so much more into the less rules & dresscodes & more imagination & crazy, brave, gutsy whatthehellle'tsjusttryit -outfits. Also I find it harder to pull the OTT style of as a non asian. It always seems like something is missing... But then again I've never given into my secret fantasy of pink hair/lolitawig... But maybe soon I will!

Reading about the lolis & investigating Japanese fashion is so inspiring & fascinating to me & I hope that you will find this too by reading my Sunday posts & becoming experts on Japan style. I think the streets could use more of the crazy outfits,  so go crazy & make people turn their heads & smile:-)


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