Thursday, April 14, 2011


Pink is the color of my cheeks when I admit to my girliest side. I must confess I have long had a secret crush on this lovely color that seems to banished for grownups. So this post is for you my long lost childhood colorfriend. I'm allowing myself to take a plunge into shades of pink to celebrate & investigate the nature of pink, the color that divides the oceans between girl and woman.

Pink I guess, is a softer, less in your face kind of red. You might even get away with calling it the sweet side of red. Pink is cotton candy, bubble gum & little girls. It's sunrise & sunset. It's excitement & erection. It's powerful & innocent at once.

Pink comes in  many shades. Taste the words: blush, coral, flesh, flush, fuchsia, hot pink, babypink, magenta, raspberry, rose, salmon.

In many cultures pink represents the weaker sex. It's related to little girls & Barbie. It represents sugar and spice and everything nice. But pink has power. Both red and pink denote love but while red is hot passion, pink is romantic and charming. If you wear pink you convey playfulness (hot pink flamingoes) and tenderness (pastel pinks). So go ahead. I dare you. Go pink. & dive in.

Hope you enjoyed this pink escapade & that it made you feel pinkishly empowered for a short moment. & btw Céline - I can't wait to see which shades of pink you dug out for for future endavours:-)


Eleni said...

The Pink Ladies = good call.

fasterfis said...

lyserødt er ikke kun for børn.. siger jeg siddende i mit lyserøde outfit i en alder af 32.
Lækkerheds post!

Gunvor Rasmussen said...

Wow. Loved the pink cadillac with eyelashes! I'm stunned!

Ditte said...

Elsker katten med curlerene!!!