Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have Yourself a Naughty Little Xmas

 Wether it's:
  • tits or ass or both
  • hes or shes or all
  • pain, game or smack
  • big or small or huge
  • black, rainbow, red or white, 
  • naughty, naked or nice 
I just threw in a little of everything together in the great big santa sack to make all of your naughtiest wishes come true. Hope it makes your pulse rise, your cheeks blush, your eyes shine & your smile turn smirky & that it takes your mind of all the things you have to get done before you know what.

& with this Xmas spiced post I wish you all a very naughty xmas & a kinky new year.

See you next year for even more sassy kink & midweek spice. Thanks for this year - it's been hrm hrm more than nice!

Merry Fucking Christmas & let your heart be ligth.

1 comment:

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