Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Todays theme is hands. Hands all over the place. & In all the right places. With all the right touches. At times enough to make you scream.

& to ad an extra little touch to the whole show today we have a dedicated soundtrack added by one of the happy followers of the Kinky Wednesdays here on the blog. Tony is making a musical christmas advent calendar for his friends & network in the spirit og christmas.

The calendar form is that members of the group every day of December until the 24th will receive a small FB mail present - link to an "exquisite" selection of music. The idea is then, that you can bring your headphones with you to work/@studies, and make a small space sometime during the day, with room for a smile, for rocking, for dancing, or.. what the music makes you feel like.

What an absolutely lovely thing to do. & how great is it that he made a soundtrack for the kinky wednesdays! Check out the group on Facebook for more information & to join in on his delightful soundtracks to get you through December all full musical joy.

 Direct link to download I think...

Enjoy the hands & the soundtrack & have yourself a very Kinky Wednesday:-*

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Tom said...

Thought I'd post the comments associated with today's soundtrack

The first track is an old sexed out 70's classic by Marc Bolan & T. Rex. Can it be put any clearer: "Get It On" ( - live from Top of the Pops. Check out the piano player. Yeah, thats Elton John!). Earlier this year I heard the song featured in the German comedy Sonnenallee, about life in 70's East Berlin, seen through the eyes of a teenager. Check out this clip ( - now there's some fresh moves for you!

The second track is the ridiculously groovy Wah Wah Man ( by Young-Holt Unlimited.

Third track is one of record slinger extraordinaire Dan The Automator's side projects. Lovage is a collaboration between The Automator, extreme artist Mike Patton of Faith No More, Dillinger Escape Plan, Fantômas, etc, and sexxy singer Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields. What a lineup! The only record put out for now by the trio is called "Music to make Love to your Old Lady by". Here's Stroker Ace ( - the bearded man 52secs in is The Automator, dressed as his alter ego Nathaniel Merriweather). It's supposedly about a pussycat (the feline kind). I'd call it mildly suggestive though, but perhaps that's just my dirty mind talking… On second thoughts, probably not. Stroke that shiny, uh, coat.

On the subject of Elysian Fields, this is their Set The Grass on Fire ( More into the indie side of music, than Lovage. Love it!

Today's B-side is the "after-the-fact" song, if you know what I mean. The Mar-Keys with Last Night ( Brilliant example of how a five word lyrics is all you need. Ooooh YEAH!

Now, go get it on, on this kinky Wednesday!