Thursday, November 4, 2010

PINNING THEM GIRLS UP & some thought on illustrated naughtyness

After yesterdays very naughty kinky wednesday post I got to do some thinking (in fact so naughty that I blushed everytime I scrolled down the page & I almost censured myself - but decided not to... Shoul I have?).

Why is it that you can take an almost pornographical image & turn it in to an illustration or a drawing & it automatically becomes less offensive? It seems that as soon as kinkyness comes in the shape of something cartoony/sketched/handdrawn/painted it borrows some of the innocence related to the history of these ways of expressions, but keeps a very erotic feel to it. Except when it comes to dicks I guess... I find that cartoon/sketched/painted dicks are either reduced to childsize when they are allowed to join the party or somehow ridiculed by putting faces or something like that on them. I know this is not the case when it comes to japanese erotic comic books/manga illustration for adults. I think it's very interesting & fascinating & I will be looking further into this as I roam the vast world of what we call the world wide web.

I find that this series of pin-up black&white photos + the illustrated pin up tell some of the story that I'm trying to find - & that's why I had to share them with you.

I guess women of the time weren't really supposed to purposely intend sexyness. & turning the women who did into illustrations made it possible to pin up the women everywhere anyhow.

What are your thought?

Enojoy the lovely dames.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of rainbows lately. I promise I will do a post full of rainbows very soon:-)

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