Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have to share this blog with you, just simply because it puts a smile on my face on rainy days. It holds a lot of the things that are essential to a girlygirl like myself, namely:

1. Dolls - in all of the cutest & quirkiest shapes including Blythe dolls & Sonny Angels.

2. Cuteness Galore - because we need it & you know it.

3. Fun - the little scenarios are sometimes so hilarious.

4. Miniature worlds so detailed, delicious & sweet that you want to go live inside these little imaginariums. The attention to detail is époustouflant.

5. Oh & finally... Did I mention dolls, dolls, dolls?

I fell upon this little treasure completely by accident - & was so surprised to find out she was Danish as me - because I hadn't stumbled upon her blog earlier anywhere. Guess I'd been coming to the wrong places:-) & don't you just love it when people do what the love & do it so well?!

Let me know what you think & do do do send some lovin' her way. Thank You Helle - for adding cuteness to my everyday.

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