Thursday, November 18, 2010

If you can't grow one - do one!

YAYDAY GIRLS! It's the official "Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day". ASYLUM and The American Mustache Institute have officially declared November 18th a new holiday called “Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day.As you may or may not know, the month of November, has been claimed by men all over the world as international moustache month or the more catchy Movember movement. Men around the world are encouraged to grow a mustache to show their support and raise awareness about prostate cancer research. You can read more about this and about how much a mustache can enhance a man’s look here. Even though cancer is dead serious - I absolutely love the way this campaign has twisted the very serious topic & created a lot of positive attention in order to get support to an important cause. Ok - admitted - because you probably allready noticed - I have a sligth weakness for those little things on upperlips calles moustaches.

So how can we women be of any help. We can't really grow them nice little moustaches? Well some of us can - but it's not exactly sexy & frankly I don't think even the guys with prostate cancer would enjoy it... So what can we do? 

Well we can show some good old appreciation by supporting the Movember Movement today. The Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day is all about using your vagina to make a difference. I admit it probably won't be any real sacrifice for my point. Because I for one have really appreciated the hipster trend of cute little mustaches on the upperlips of young males. 

Moustaches can be real sexy. Mostly they are just cute. But the real reason why I LOVE them is that they make me smile & also they tickle when you kiss them & make you giggle. They make hot guys look like the have real sense of humour & don't take life all too serious. & the way to a (rainbowgirls) heart is definitely through laughter. 

Like the video below says, now you can get your cookie dusted for a good cause without feeling any sort of guilt. I would therefore like to encourage women everywhere to get busy with a man with a moustache today on this totally ordinary Thursday. Together, we can do it- lol!

If you can't grow one - do one! 

Enjoy my little tribute to the moustache & have fun girls. That's what life is all about after all.

If you can't grow one - do one!



Louise said...

Ha ha ha...

Eleni said...

Hello! I'm new around here, but I couldn't help but join in the enthusiasm for the 'tache! Can you knit? I knitted a moustache for a party recently:

Plus my boyfriend has a moustache, so I'm sorted for today's charitable activities ;)

girllikesrainbows said...

Love the knitted moustaches!! Lucky you for getting lucky with a moustached male & yes indeed how convenient!!! & btw welcome!! Your comments are SO MUCH appreciated<3