Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh give me the sweetest tattoos...

If only... even though my mom has sworn to disown me if I ever get one... (yes she really did say that) - I still maybe not so secretly fantasize about having my arms and legs covered in the sweetest tattoos that could tell the story of me, my life, my brain and so on.

I haven't yet had the courage - not because of the pain - & no not because of my mom either :-) - but probably because I have too great a fear of regretting it.

Not the best way to live your life to the fullest I guess if you look at it from that angle - but I guess it's beacuse I'm way too sensible & old now to have the excuse of the oh so lovely carefree youth.

Let me indulge in the idea of having one or ten for just a short blogpostal time. If I ever gather the courage I 100 % allready know what the first would be. Can you guess which & where?

Do you have one?

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Eleni said...

I got a pair of Sailor Jerry style doves on my back for my 23rd birthday and I love them! It took me years to decide what to get though - I was also scared of regretting them but I'm glad I took the plunge :)

Just this morning I was reading about a girl who's getting a Snow White sleeve: