Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ARGH!! Haven't had time for many posts the last week as I've been working like crazy launching this thing. Now it's finally up & running & the fun can begin:-) 

But I just couldn't miss Kinky Wednesday, so I've put together a post of naughty moments for you. Today most of the pictures I've found involve twosomes. 

I've been researching (lol - yes it might be weird calling it this - but it helps me feel less perverted when speaking to the world wide web) a lot of sexy blogs that look into kinkyness as well. I did find that most of the female bloggers even though they were straight did also post most images of delicious & beautiful women on their blogs. 

Maybe it's because we put ourselves in the womans place when we look at the sexy snapshots? Maybe it's just as my friend pointed out because we've been brought up with porn & sexual images being very much about the woman as an object of desire & lust. 

That would explain why it is still very challenging for me to post actual pictures of male adornments - hrm hrm - dicks & balls are so... how can I put it... out there - in your face (pun maybe intended:-). Maybe it's just that we were brought up with tits & ass on women being exposed all over the place & never ever dicks?

I've found some pretty kinky pictures that involve erected masculinity, but I'm still gathering the courage to do an entire dick post...:-S (I did sneak in a few in todays post - but they are pretty subtle/gentle). It probably won't be on this blog though. I've decided to start another blog called Kinky Wednesdays & from there I will post more frequently on the matter of naughty/kinky/sexy/audacious/luscious/yummy & such. I will let you know the new blog is ready;-)

Hope you enjoy todays post!
Happy Kinky Wednesday & 1st of December.

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Eleni said...

Excellent bums this week ;)