Saturday, December 11, 2010


This post is about door number 6 in the advent calendar GADEHJERTEJULEKALENDEREN (which means The Streetheart Christmas Calendar) that Christina & I have put together in collaboration  with 24 of the street artists in Denmark. I'm not really sure how big advent calendars are outside of DK - but here they are very popular - both the chocolate ones, the picture ones & the gift ones - especially amongst children of course, but grown-ups need excuses to play more on an everyday level - & that is one of the things that street art is able to remind us & this is what our christmas calendar is all about!

We want it  to remind us all that there is more to life than rules & things we have to do because some one told us to - it reminds us to play more & smile more or think more - instead of just leading a 9-5 life.

Regnbuebanden (The Rainbowcrew) who are behind this splash of color in the city of Copenhagen believe that color sometimes adds that little extra something to the city - especially when it shows up in unexpected places & shapes. Last winter they colored the snow with rainbows, they have done some delightful guerilla knitting pieces this summer, & they continue to try to come up with ways of adding color to your life.

Of course I had to mention this door in particular at it treats to one of my very favorite colors - rainbow!!!

Join the event on facebook to follow the door opening in the calendar & to find the clues to where you can go hunting for doors in the calendar in the city if you live here in Copenhagen.

Christina talking about the calendar in front of door number 6:


Sandra_Stillestund said...

Very pretty, love the concept!

Ditte said...

Hvor ser det godt ud. Elsker farven på aftenhimmelen. Mm... grøn.