Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Working 9-17ish

So yes - we are working like crazy at the moment at our office trying to raise money to get the little business running. Spending all of the sunny days in front of the computer writing fascinating and enchanting words that will persuade even the most negative person in the world to support our project.
We so want to do what we love - but it is probably one of the hardest things to make money off that we have picked... How can you make money on something that essentially is free... Well I guess the fact that we are doing it out of true love for the arts on the street and have worked so devoted for more than a year now takes us some of the way and also we are pushing the educative part of spreading the word on the street about all the treasures out there... But geeez I hate writing all these applications and filling out forms and so on... It is good for us to get back to defining what our main goals are - and working with words to  make magic happen is fun I guess... Almost feel like an alchemist!

No more boring work stuff - friday we are having our first little gathering at the office and we've invited a bunch of people over for beers and fun. And also Artrebels are relaunching their blog (one in which I blog also) later on in the evening & I can't wait for loads of fun fun fun + dancing like a crazy mad woman!!

Picturetime yay!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Housewife Life

Today I took the day to get some work done at home - had about a hundred things that I needed to do & most of them were of the housewifey kind. I had probably just as many important things to do at the office - but I get even more stressed coming home to a mess - so I guess it's some sort of very busy way of stressing less...

To get my day kickstarted I went for a run in the freezing cool air - yay way to go me!! Then I washed clothes, baked our weekly batch of wholewheat/oatmeal buns & added a little extra something to half of the portion & turned them into wholewheat/oatmeal cinnamonrolls with icing - yummie:-) Did a lot of other boring stuff & then went to pick up Ella to take her to the library for the first time.

When I picked her up she had a big old bruise/scrape on her forehead - little stuntgirl took a dip into the asfalt on the playground. It's her biggest bruise so far in her little life and I wasn't even there to kiss her and make it better... Well off to the library we went and she loved it:-) Look mamma - all those books - look mamma lovely books - look mamma many toys and so on and so on... We picked up a few Disney Classics on dvd and then some books for her evening reading for when we tuck her in. She loves reading the same books over and over again, but it's nice to get a little new inspiration once in a while... :-) After the library we went home had cinnamonrolls and then went to Netto to shop for the ingredients to make killer burgers for dinner. What a lovely life they lead these housewives!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh my...

What a fun night we had - short but sweet! Drank loads of champagne & girltalked all noght & got all dressed up in matching outfits & petticoats! Turns out champagne & free golden lady beer at the party at Vega = very drunk me... So went home early & had the worst hangover ever on sunday! Must remember never to mix the two again - didn't even get one dance on the floor...

Oh well you live and you learn. Today I learned that some people are really nice & give free joy to the world (Pink Patriarken Pink Joy) while others are mean ass people who run into you - ruin your bike & leaves without even looking back & then that makes me very sad because insurance doesn't cover because it was a hot and run... Total bummer!

Me on Sunday

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girls night out - YAY!

So Ella is going to spend the night at her grandparents & I haven't been out dancing in ages & I got an invitatiton to the re-opening of a new club here in CPH... All in the cards that I should go have some fun but...

Somehow I've been having a rough time kickstarting myself into active mode & I wasn't even feeling like going out - but I don't think this boring old  lady style is my kind of thing-  yet anyways - so I decided to get myself excited and have a blast of a night with lovely girl company. & to make sure it will be blast - we need a theme - of course a theme - I want to get back to my old and playful self - so tonight is Wannabe Grease Pink Ladies Night!

The girls are coming here in half an hour to get ready the three of us together & we are  dressing up in polkadot dresses & petticoats to go have a burger int this funny & tacky little Turkish burgerjoint which tries to be kind of old diner style or maybe they just bought the furniture of some other restaurant who went bankrupt?:-) & then we are going to DANCE - because we haven't done it since forever... I can't wait!!! Hope to come back with wonderful stories of a perfect fun and dancing evening. Till then behave or don't... Whichever you feel like on this (yes again a praise of the sun) beautiful saturday in the blue sky & sun!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday full of sunshine...

& for the first time in two weeks Ella went back to daycare:-) & mamma went back to work! Trying to raise money for our educational programme for STREETHEART we went to a meeting with one of the funds that we are trying to get to support the project.  The meeting went well - but no money on the table - a good thing is that we got most of our application done for the meeting and now we can start spamming them funds:-) Went for a quick shopping spree with Christina afterward. But shopping is just no fun when you don't have the money for it... Back home now & Ella just got back from a little walk with daddy with a nice little bouquet of tulips for mommy:-) I like fridays.