Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girls night out - YAY!

So Ella is going to spend the night at her grandparents & I haven't been out dancing in ages & I got an invitatiton to the re-opening of a new club here in CPH... All in the cards that I should go have some fun but...

Somehow I've been having a rough time kickstarting myself into active mode & I wasn't even feeling like going out - but I don't think this boring old  lady style is my kind of thing-  yet anyways - so I decided to get myself excited and have a blast of a night with lovely girl company. & to make sure it will be blast - we need a theme - of course a theme - I want to get back to my old and playful self - so tonight is Wannabe Grease Pink Ladies Night!

The girls are coming here in half an hour to get ready the three of us together & we are  dressing up in polkadot dresses & petticoats to go have a burger int this funny & tacky little Turkish burgerjoint which tries to be kind of old diner style or maybe they just bought the furniture of some other restaurant who went bankrupt?:-) & then we are going to DANCE - because we haven't done it since forever... I can't wait!!! Hope to come back with wonderful stories of a perfect fun and dancing evening. Till then behave or don't... Whichever you feel like on this (yes again a praise of the sun) beautiful saturday in the blue sky & sun!

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