Monday, March 1, 2010

Pancakes & Playtime

are still the on the agenda here in Rainbowland, because Ella is still sick. So I have to turn our home into a magical place full of hiding places, secret doors & wondrous teaparties. & all day long we are in this other timezone where one hour feels like a year & and one year feels like a splitsecond. I feel like my brain is speeding up and my body is slowing down & it is not exactly a great combination - I long long long for sunshine & spring & will be spending all my wishes (11.11, 22.22, 00.00, shooting stars?, wishbones & eyelashes) on making it come quicker than quick. I miss running & can't wait for promises sunshine this week & Ella getting well, so I can get out there again. It's been too long...

Some pictures from our "Holiday in Rainbowland"

The perfect buns that we made... They were soooo good but of course I made them without a recipe so I can probably never get them quite as right... yum yum!!

Ella looking like something you could take a bite of...

Playing grocery store & customer comes by and buys absolutely everything:-)

Drawing gets us trough quite a few hours of the day.

If we're not playing dress up...

Or fairy-skyping with grandma.

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