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DRESS LIKE A DOLL - Part Two in land of Lolitas

ama rori

The outfits of Sweet Lolitas are probably every little truly girly girl's dream of a dress. In many ways they are the exact opposite of the Gothic Lolitas, especially the dominating babyshade pastel colours & the girlygirls motifs like flowers (roses, jasmines, lily, cherry blossoms), toys, animal themes (cats, bunnies, puppies), cherries, candy, strawberries, polkadots & cakes puts them in complete opposite worlds. 

It is also the most child-like of the lolita styles, using many bows, ruffles and light colours to make up an outfit. I find it hard to pull of an entire sweet lolita outfit having crossed the 30 year line. I don't think it is just me. It just feels wrong somehow. But I have to try it. At least once. If only I had known of this fablúlous world when I was a bit younger - You can be sure that I would have dived in & I would have gone full on ama-loli.

The most common colors used in a Sweet Lolita outfit are pink, white, and powder blue, but an outfit can be made with nearly any pastel or plaid, (or nearly any color at all as long as it is not neon). Prints inspired by fairy tales are also quite common & references to Alice in Wonderland are quite common as well.

Light, natural make-up complements this style. Teased out pigtails and bouncy curls are commonly worn by Sweet Lolitas. A shade of bright pink, red or sometimes nude-pink lipstick, is commonly used as well.

Sweet Lolita Outfits are heavily influenced by Rococo styles as well as Victorian and Edwardian clothing. Focusing on the child and fantasy aspects of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita style adopts the basic Lolita format and uses the lighter colors and childlike motifs in its design to emphasize this.

Headdresses, bonnets and bows are a popular hair accessory to the sweet Lolita look. Bags and purses usually have a princess-like design and often take the shape of strawberries, crowns, hearts, and stuffed animals.

Examples Sweet Lolita brands are  Angelic Pretty, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose Temps des Filles.


  • Look for lightly-colored accessories, such as purses, head dresses, and socks with designs like flowers, music notes, candy or anything sweet printed on them (knee-highs or over the knee socks)
  • Go for frilly and sweet. You can still wear dark colors, but it should definitely be toned down 

  • Your skirt should go 1" above the knee usually.
  • Shirts/Dresses shouldn't show any cleavage, or shoulders.

  • If you're wearing a jumperskirt (Like a lolita dress, but sleeveless), wear a blouse underneath. Lolita fashion aims to be cute and modest and is not supposed to be a sexy style! 
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of attention. It might not be what you are actually looking for, but it is almost impossible to avoid when you look like a reallife beautiful walkiin' talkin'livin' doll. Learn to enjoy the attention & if people tease you, just ignore them or if you're feeling particularly charitable, try to explain them about the style. Just don't get mad or insult them back!

  • Find prints with gingham, cakes/sweets, animals, bows, hearts, musical notes, etc.
  • Try going to a thrift store! They have some things that could be modified with a little extra lace or ribbon that may turn out very nice. 
  • For headbands, try bows, bonnets, headdresses and flowers & make your own delicious headwear - good thing is to invest in a gluegun;-)
  • Popular hairstyles are pigtails, princess curls, or straight hair with blunted bangs. Coloured wigs are also a possibility.

  • To get more tips on Lolita fashion, pick up an issue of The Gothic and Lolita Bible, it  includes sewing patterns, pictures, interviews, and tutorials!


Well that was Sweet Lolitas for you. I hope you enjoied this little insight into the world of lolitas, I know I did. I just love finding out more about this intriguing style of dressing & the pictures alone can make you smile for years & go aaaaaw like a trillion times. 
It is late & will jump into bed hoping my dreams will be coloured by this little visit to land os sweet lolitas.


P.S. Here's a link to a webshop where you can make your very own Sweet Lolita styled dress:

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