Saturday, January 22, 2011


I guess it's no big secret that I more than totally dig the Japanese playful style whether it's 
sweet/classic/gothic/lolita/fruit/decora/fairy kei/dolly kei/cosplay. 
It doesn't always have to be 100 % all in OTTs (over the top) - I admire the full costumes sooooo much - but also think that the more everyday look on japanese streets is absolutely fantastic!

I also know why...

It's because there are no rules!

 & there is no fashion. Or let me refrase - fashion is all there is.

But you get to decide what you think fashionble means.  

You are allowed to make your own fashion style & you can mix & match whatever you please. 

Dressing japanese style to me means being personal, playful & adventurous when coming up with outfits for your everyday. 

& what's not to love about this I ask?

It's both futuristic, crazy, historical, cute, colorful, dark, weird, wonderful, geeky, romantic, over the top, flamboyant, far out, fetich, sexy, innocent, feminine - basically everything that I love about this world.


I have decided to write some introductional posts on the different Japanese styles to share my love with you my dear readers. I hope you, as well as I, will find the quest fun & full of inspiration. The first post on Japanese style will be up shortly & it will be dedicated to the Gothic Lolita.


Louise said...

Jeg har selv nogle fantastisk inspirerende, og sjove, japanske-fashion bøger stående på reolen.

Camille said...

Japan er AWESOME, også hvad angår stil! <3

Eleni said...

I was lucky enought to go to Japan in Feb 2009 and I have never fallen in love with so many people in such a short space of time! If you haven't been you should definitely go - it was all I wanted and so much more, a really amazing country.

girllikeswednesdays said...

I can't wait till I get the oppurtunity to go! Seriously, I think about it all the time. I'm 100% sure that I'll love it & my girl Ella will be a star<3 Thanks for sharing your experience - i love getting feedback & comments in here but it doesn't happen too often unfortunately...