Tuesday, January 11, 2011


YAY! My birthday is coming up this Friday & I'm just one of those people who will never ever outgrow the "very special day" feeling you get on this day that marks times passing. & best thing is that I now get to share with my very special & delightful daughter - who is allready practicing the singing of the birthday song every day since tuesday last week.

Friday I will spend with family & loads of cake & saturday I'm going to party all day & hopefully dance all night as I'm spending most of the day with some of the loveliest people in my life & I just can't wait! I haven't planned anything at all & can't wait to see what life brings me for my birthday & I just hope that it will be wrapped up in big, red bows. Bows make everything better n'est-ce pas?

So I tried this one on i H&M's but it looks better of than on - mostly because of the upperpart of the dress - but the skirt OMG soooooo nice though!!
LAZY OAF makes everything I need... I love their cartoony style!

Birthday Girl aka MOI:-* including bows<3


Louise said...

Jeg elsker din blog - den er til daglig inspiration for mig! Og bringer altid et smil på læben. TAK!

girllikeswednesdays said...

Åååårh altså! 1000 tak for det udsagn! Det gjorde lige denne her gråvejrsdag SÅ meget lysere<3

the letters i wish i'd written... said...

I love birthdays, mine, yours, anybody's really, Happy Birthday!So nice to see other people in the world who love to celebrate!!!

Eleni said...

I think red bows should be COMPULSORY for birthdays!