Monday, October 25, 2010


So today was Monday. First day after a lovely week of holiday for me & the little one. It started well. The sky was blue, the sun was shining & I was ready to go do my thang with my collegue Christina. But then. My bike had a flat tire on my way to work. I was mega late for my rendez-vous, but lucky enough to find a nice bicycle repair shop that agreed to fix my bike within a few hours. So far so good. Long walk & talk in the sun planning our upcoming Streetheart guided tour of street art in Nørrebro named after the legendary "One man's trash another man's treasure" roll down on Sjællandsgade. It went well. Coffee at Props. Back home after cooking dinner & skipping Zumba I made myself a nice cup of tea & was looking forward to making this post on OMG KAWAII theme. & then... my new phone/bff fell on the floor & now it's broken:-( It was monday & it wasn't all okay - but hey - the sun shone!

I could need some good cheering up by now so feel free (pretty please) to share with me you best pickmeup links&blogs.

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Ladybastard said...

awwwwwwwwww too much kawaii *_*