Saturday, October 23, 2010


I did feel I was on quite a roll. I somehow managed to post an entry on my lonely blog for an entire week. & then I left to go visit my parents with Ella & I don't know how it happened - but I forgot my computer!! So I was forced into bloglockdown until I figured that I could maybe borrow my moms mac & do some inspirational surfing from here. Thus Kinky Wednesday lasted till Sloppy Saturday - so I hope you either enjoyed the little sexual escapade or maybe it scared you off:-)

Eitherway here comes a post on dolls. I suffer from some sort of doll craze & I am so drawn to them & their cute little faces. Big eyes & tiny mouth does it for me. I was surfing the web for cute pics of my favorite dolls & I fell upon this fantastic little blog full of all the most lovely of dolls & toys & all in adorable little fun setups. I love it of course & it will definately be on my blogroll from now on.

Anyways join me in my craze & let yourself amaze - lol. Do dolls do it for you?
Happy Sassy Saturday.

First a little tribute to my only fetish doll Lulu who gave name to the little headpiece factory LULU LUCKY I ran from my kitchentable for a few years. I found her in a thriftshop & payed 5 kroner for her & I named her Lulu because it seemed like it was the only word that could come out of her little round mouth:-) Now Ella plays with her & calls her crazy long legs funny.

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