Tuesday, April 13, 2010

La Reine des Puces

C'est moi. Or maybe we could just say that I really love fleamarkets & swapmeats & since we haven't had that much gold in our pockets lately, it has become my way of getting to go crazy on shopping sprees in thrift shops all over Vestsjælland, which is where my parents live. The reason why I go outside of Copenhagen to dig the gold is probably obvious to most, but yes of course it is way cheaper & the competition not so tough.

Last weekend I went on the big tour with my BFF Christina. I left Ella with grandparents, who were thrilled to hand over the car & take over the girl. We drove all over Vestsjælland and managed to visit 10 shops on our tour. & we did find quite a lot of nice stuff. Mostly I look for Dresses for myself & clothes, books & toys for Ella. But this time I came home with quite a lot of different stuff. Especially due to the fact that we the following day went to one of my favorite fleamarkets ever - it happens twice a year where my parents live, and it is always very cheap & mostly you can find a lot of fun stuff.

Aside from looking for stuff I've been taking pictures for a few years now of all the stuff that is left over at the markets when the day is over & I thinK I might share some of the pics with you ind an upcoming post, but for now, let me show you our "gold". I spent about 100 € in total & this is what I got.

I bought the picture. I don't know why, but I couldn't leave it there. 
Now I don't know what to do with it...

"Ten Chubby Jumbokids"

Wiinblad platte "Karneval"

Oshkosh & other stuff for Ella - brand new & way too cheap.

Bibs for Ella

My treasure. Giant patchwork. Since it wasn't finished,
 the old lady at the thriftshop thought it wasn't really worth anything. I payed 6 €

Little crocheted blanket in all the colours of the rainbow.

Books for my girl.

The chair is plastic. & the  giant coffee thingy is for this saturday, 
when we're having 40 people over for Ella's birthday.

Some clothes for Moi

Tap shoes... A girl must have tap shoes right?

Vintage dress for Ella - she looks totally Mad Menishy in it!

Tops for Ella

& a funny little ending to this trip is that I made it to the front page of the local news paper as the queen of fleas I am. A photographer took some pics of me at the fleamarket & a journalist interviewed me, but I had absolutely no Idea they would smack me right up on the front page of the local newspaper - LOL. Luckily I had no double chins on the pic & the things I said about going to fleamarkets where quite sensible, so I'm not to ashamed of the whole misere:-)

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