Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faroe Islands

Is where I was born. My mother is Faroese & my father Danish & so half of my family live on the Faroe Islands. I hadn't been there since I became a mother & my grandmother had never met my babygirl, so I was very excited when my mother invited Ella & me to go with her and Balder back to my childhood fairytaleland.

We went there to celebrate my grandmother Birgit's 75 year birthday & stayed for 8 days in total. It was wonderful being back, and also it was a special treat for me to go to the islands during early spring, because normally we would always go during summertime, since that is when the weather is the nicest. The islands look different after a long and cold winter and the grass that is greener than green in summertime, was yellow and pale. The weather changed from sunny and springy to snowy & wintery & rainy & harsh within hours up there & unfortunately my little girl got a bad case of bronkitis from this messy weather - but she handled it very well & we managed to pretend she wasn't all too sick most of the time.

I took a lot of pictures up there & I did a special little tour of my grandmothers house, just to be able to always remember what it looks like. I did the same with my paternal grandmothers home before they emptied her house, when she had to move to a home. I shared both these pictures & the new ones on Facebook - and they where well appreciated by all the people who love & cherish their memories & childhood flashes in these homes. So I thought I would share some of them with you. Hope you like.

My Grandmothers House

Rastan fisk døvura agt my aunts place

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