Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Housewife Life

Today I took the day to get some work done at home - had about a hundred things that I needed to do & most of them were of the housewifey kind. I had probably just as many important things to do at the office - but I get even more stressed coming home to a mess - so I guess it's some sort of very busy way of stressing less...

To get my day kickstarted I went for a run in the freezing cool air - yay way to go me!! Then I washed clothes, baked our weekly batch of wholewheat/oatmeal buns & added a little extra something to half of the portion & turned them into wholewheat/oatmeal cinnamonrolls with icing - yummie:-) Did a lot of other boring stuff & then went to pick up Ella to take her to the library for the first time.

When I picked her up she had a big old bruise/scrape on her forehead - little stuntgirl took a dip into the asfalt on the playground. It's her biggest bruise so far in her little life and I wasn't even there to kiss her and make it better... Well off to the library we went and she loved it:-) Look mamma - all those books - look mamma lovely books - look mamma many toys and so on and so on... We picked up a few Disney Classics on dvd and then some books for her evening reading for when we tuck her in. She loves reading the same books over and over again, but it's nice to get a little new inspiration once in a while... :-) After the library we went home had cinnamonrolls and then went to Netto to shop for the ingredients to make killer burgers for dinner. What a lovely life they lead these housewives!

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Céline said...

Hey søde
Sikke mange skønne, skønne regnbuer :)
Glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på...
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