Monday, May 9, 2011


I did it. I survived a couple of weeks in the fast fast forward lane. Busy as a bee. Doing all kinds of wonderful things like wrapping bridges in yarn, constantly overdressing, drinking beer & riding trains to the end of the line & back. It was fun. Tough but fun.

When I'm not blogging about rainbows & kink I run a blog on street art together with my best friend & partner in crime Christina. The blog is called STREETHEART & initially started as university project which then turned into one of the best things I ever created. STREETHEART is mostly dedicated to sharing the joys of art in the streets with as many people as possible. Both through the daily updated blog with pics from everywhere in the city of Copenhagen & by doing workshops, walking/teaching tours & talks on the subject of street art.

The last six months we've been working on putting a street art exposition together in the town of Køge - which has a museum dedicated to the arts of public spheres called KØS. The exhibit opened Saturday & soooo many people came to see the works of 16 both international & danish street artists. It all came together & I survived. & boy it feels good.

Now it's on to the next project which is a street art street party that goes under the name STREETHEART BEATS. It is third year in a row that we're organizing it  & I know it's going to be 3 weeks of even more busy life - but it's what we like to do & with the people that we enjoy being with so it'll probably be both awesome & exhausting. Hope you'll join us if you can.

The worst thing about being busy with work is that I don't get to spend enough time with my favorite girl. I missed her so. & my little girl is growing up sooooo fast. During my busy weeks she had her last day of daycare or is it called creche? Anyways today was her first day in nursery school & she handled it magnificently.

As long as you mix business with pleasure it can't go wrong;-) So I'll leave you with a picture diary from my busy days. Sorry that they are in backwards order. Hope it gives you an idea of what wonderful times I had even in reverse order.

Night night & Sleep tight<3


Dolls and Darlings said...

Som altid, dejlige billeder!

Jeg ville lige have sendt dig en lidt pudsig historie, men kunne desværre ikke finde din mailadresse..

Kh Louise

girllikeswednesdays said...

Tak for de søde ord! Du kan skrive til - glæder mig til at høre historier!

Eleni said...

Congratulations, this looks like tonnes of fun! I want to make my food into faces from now on :)

Ditte said...

Ej hvor tager du nogle fine billeder, og hvor er det nogle fine kjoler du har.

Er glad for at jeg lige fandt din blog.

Ditte :-)